Here you will find  some of my favorite photographs of places I have visited and pictures of Gone with the Wind memorabilia in my collection. I was hooked on collecting GWTW collectibles after receiving my first plate. I was so eager to find more items to go with the plate. This was before the online auction sites so it was a little harder to find as much, but I never stopped looking . I found my world Gone with the Wind dolls at cracker Barrel Old Country store and continued to order plates and other items through mail order as I became aware if them, Was not till the late 90's I came upon a internet auction site that my collection just grew. I have ventured in to having some of my favorite gowns that Scarlett wore in the film reproduced in my size. In the beginning I really had only wanted a replica BBQ at Twelve Oaks gown and had never really thought of  having a Scarlett wardrobe :) but here it is years later and I have 7 of the dresses and another in the works now. I hope you enjoy the pictures and a look in to a "Windies" world.

This is one of my "Favorites" a 4 foot
tall Scarlett O'Hara doll in her BBQ gown.

To view many more GWTW videos visit the
Gwtw Video gallery

 Scarlett Reproduction Dresses
Images of my Scarlett costumes

Gone With the Wind Collection
Pictures of my GWTW collection

Plantation Homes
Pictures from some of the plantations we have visited

Atlanta Trips
Pictures taken on several of my trips to Atlanta Georgia

That's Me : ) Hugs Dee

Sister's Amanda and Savannah

My baby Amanda well maybe not a baby anymore LOL

My newest baby girl Savannah

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Thank you Kathleen for the lovely Scarlett cartoon doll
Please take time to view her work at